The Cathy Valencia Anti-acne package is not a typical regiment to remove acne. Each product of this set plays a role in treating existing acne problems not limited to pimples, black heads and white heads. This package is a combination of the best products infused with the most potent ant-acne formulation that also prevents recurring acne and complications of the existing acne. The package also addresses concerns for pimple or dark spots that are often experienced after pimples have been treated and dried up.

  • Oil Control Soap 135g
  • Facial Clarifying 120ml
  • Vitawhite Toner C Plus 120ml
  • BHA Clarity Gel 15ml
  • Mela C 10g
  • Sunblock Gel 10g
  • Soothing Face Cream 10g
  • Whitening Plus 10g
  • Vitapurewhite Cream 10g
  • Retinoic Acid 10g
  • Resin (Drying up lotion) 30ml
  • Cleosol 15ml


“I suffered from acne from 5 years and I’ve been jumping from 1 derma to another just to have it fixed but it keeps coming back. The redness is just frustrating and I was also conscious already. Then my classmate told me to try the Anti acne package of Cathy Valencia because that’s what she’s been using. After 3 days of religious usage I immediately saw results. My pimples dried up an I’m now 100% pimple free” – Pamela Ruiz, 28

“When I was in college, I had pimples on my face, then it will be gone, but after that it will transfer to another area like my back and my chest until one day, I got pimples everywhere. I tried pimple drying products but it just kept coming back. So my mom finally told me to just go to Cathy Valencia for a consultation. The doctor recommended me to use the anti-acne package. From then on, my pimple worries were gone. I was finally free from acne” – Martin Delarosa, 30