An effective treatment which whitens the underarm and helps remove chicken skin for that flawless underarm. The combination of use of this package works by removing the discolored outer layer of skin underneath the arms with a peel formulation. This exposes the underlayer of skin that hasn’t been exposed to the same conditions that darkened the skin in the first place (harsh deodorant ingredients that react with body oils and sweat).  This layer of skin is much lighter and only requires a minimum amount of whitening to even out the tone and make it look natural.

  • Triple Papaya Soap 135g
  • Mela C 10g
  • BHA Clarity Gel 15ml
  • Anti-Perspirant 60ml
  • Whitening Plus 10g
  • Deep Pigmentation and Melasma Cream 10g
  • Vitapurewhite Cream 10g



“I thought my underarms are hopeless. I was afraid to undergo lasers because I was told it will do rebounds on my skin. Good thing I trusted the Armpit Whitening Package of Cathy Valencia. It’s very convenient since I can do it at home, and it is very very effective.” – Luisa Sta. Ana, 29