The Cathy Valencia Body Whitening Package contains everything that you need to whiten and lighten your skin quickly and effectively. The package is a combination of different products infused with potent and all natural formulation. This is an ideal process which softens old scars and allows new skin to form, promoting more radiant, fairer and healthier looking skin. This package provides you with everything you need to start your journey in skin whitening, continue to whiten your face and body, or to maintain an already beautifully flawless complexion.

  • Papaya with Collagen Soap 135g
  • Hydrawhite Body Lotion 200ml
  • Body Soothing Cream 200g
  • Sunblock Lotion SPF 60 120ml
  • Vitawhite Toner Body 200ml
  • Refiner Body 200ml
  • Whitening Body Cream 200g
  • Collagen Body Cream 200g
  • Tomato Body Cream 200g
  • Vitapure White Body Cream 200g
  • AHA Body Lotion 200ml
  • Firming Whitening Lotion 200ml
  • Depigmenting Body Cream 200g


“Before I was hesitant to buy, because I thought only injectables can deliver the kind of fairness I want for my skin, but I was wrong. The products really delivered good, actually great results. I’m even and fair all over” – Janina San diego, 37

“My mom asked me if I wanted a car or a beauty makeover as a graduation gift. I chose a beauty makeover since I can always buy a car for myself. I’m happy I made the right choice. I had the Body Whitening Peel and since then my skin became fairer, moisturized, it looks younger and rosy as well. – Bea Reyes, 26