The Rosy Whitening Package of Cathy Valencia is an effective treatment which evens out discoloration and eliminates pigmentation and dark spots for noticeably whiter and smoother skin. An ideal peeling process which promotes a pinkish or rosy white finish of the skin for a visibly smoother and younger look.

  • Triple Whitening Papaya Soap 135g
  • Facial Clarifying 120ml
  • Vita Toner C 120ml
  • AHA Miracle Gel 15ml
  • BHA Clarity Gel 15ml
  • Botox Cream 10g
  • Mela C 10g
  • Tomato Cream 10g
  • Retinoic Acid 10g
  • Deep Pigmentation and Melasma Cream 10g
  • Whitening Plus 10g
  • Vitapurewhite Cream 10g
  • Collagen E 10g
  • Moisture Lock Cream 10g
  • Sunblock Gel 10g
  • Soothing Face¬†Cream 10g
  • CQ10 Anti-Aging Cream 10g


“I am very much a fan of Cathy Valencia products ever since and for me, the best I’ve tried is the Rosy whitening package. The effects were seen immediately and I get a lot of compliments as to how my skin looked better after using the products.” Carmencita Chua, 45