CV Lucent Lite Treatment

 10,000.00  7,000.00

Lucent lite
A laser that does wonders for all skin types.

  • breaks down and helps lighten epidermal and dermal melasma
  • tightens pores
  • makes fine lines less visible
  • rejuvenates the skin
  • reduces appearance of lines on underarms
  • helps smoothen out chicken skin on underarms


Terms and Conditions

  1. You may avail the discounted rate for CV treatments until the lockdown has ended.
  2. Treatment/s can be booked on the CV branch of your choice after lockdown. NOTE: If the purchased treatment is not available at your branch of choice, we will direct you to the next CV branch that is convenient for you.
  3. CV Premiere treatments are only available in BGC branch
  4. Treatments purchased should be scheduled ahead so we can make sure to accommodate you. No walk ins.
  5. We want what’s best for you. For new clients, please DM us on Facebook or Instagram so our skin consultants can guide you on the treatment/s suitable for your specific skin concern.
  6. No refund
  7. In the event that you wish to convert to other treatments, the new treatment can be availed at a regular price only.
  8. Conversions can only be processed after lockdown so we encourage to talk to our skin consultants via Facebook and Instagram if you are not sure what to get

Cathy Valencia