Winback regenerates the dermis by acting right down to the deepest layers. Your skin is plumped and regains its natural radiance. From the first session, the face will retrieve a stunning natural glow. WINBACK stimulates fibroblasts and encourages the production of collagen and elastin, making it look firmer.


    Reduction of all types of cellulite, fatty deposits and water retention. WINBACK’s diathermic and circulatory effect has a direct action on all the storage areas (stomach, hips, thighs) and then evacuates deep-seated imperfections. The results are visible from the first session and are stabilized between 3 and 5 sessions.

  • WINBACK THERAPY (*scientifically proven)

    Winback accelerates healing and relieves muscle and joint pain. It is a high frequency ad non invasive energy which boosts your body’s natural ability to repair itself.

    Winback relieves pains by blocking durably the nerve impulses.During your session, you feel a gentle heat, deep and relaxing. Your blood and lymph circulation is restored and you get a broad range of motion.


    1. Joint pain
    2. Muscle pain
    3. Neck pain
    4. Back ache
    5. Rheumatism
    6. Oseto Arthrosis
    7. Rehabilitation
    8. Heavy legs

Shaira Diaz

Enzo Pineda

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Alyssa Muhlach

Shaira Diaz

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